Benefits of a Touchless Soap Dispenser and Faucet

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Benefits of a touchless or automatic kitchen soap dispenser and faucet.  If you have recently been to a newer restaurant, airport or hotel bathroom then you may have noticed that many places have touchless faucets and soap dispensers. They are pretty cool and sometimes fun to use, but what other benefits are there? 

Today we’ll focus on the kitchen since that is where I spend most of my time.  In fact, I have a touchless soap dispenser in my kitchen, read about my simplehuman soap dispenser sensor review.

Here are some of the clear benefits of having a touchless soap dispenser and faucet in the kitchen:

1. Messy Hands
There are often times when you’re in the kitchen and your hands get dirty. For example if you’re mixing dough, cutting meat, or removing shells from eggs. A touchless automatic sensor can be a big help. Now you will really be cleaning your hands rather than getting your faucet dirty.

2. Germs
I believe airports have sensor based faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towels mainly because it prevents the transmission of germs. An airport has thousands of travelers from around the world or country each day and the easiest way to transmit germs is through touch. And a kitchen faucet often has lots of germs on it so it’s only logical to have a sensor faucet to prevent transmission of germs in your house.

3. Easy to Use
This is a no brainer, stick your hand out and bam! you get soap. What a concept and super easy to use. I guess it might be more complicated during the initial set up but not by much.

4. Quicker Clean Up
The quick automatic sensors make your clean up much faster, even if it is only by a few seconds. But after using it for a while those seconds can add up.

5. Convenience
Do we really need automatic windows in our car? Probably not, so we definitely don’t need automatic soap dispensers and faucets but once you try it you may never go back. They are very convenient to use and you might miss it if it was gone.

6. Less Clean Up

What’s the point of washing your hands only to have to wash the faucet and soap dispenser after you use it. It seems counter intuitive and if you have paint or oil it may make the situation even worse. So skip the clean up clean up and just wash your hands.

7. Go Green and Save
I admit it, I am not great at turning off the water when I’m in the kitchen and my wife lets me know every time! So a touchless or automatic faucet is great for me, especially if my hands are full when washing dishes. It’ll probably save me 30% in water everytime.

8. Great for Kids
Kids love gadgets and anything that is new and cool make them want to use it more. So this may help them keep their hands clean!

So do you take a chance and do the benefits outweigh the negatives. One thing that I’m sure of is that over time the technology and design will improve and become more efficient and more reliable. It will only get better from here on out.

What do you think about touchless kitchen systems and are they a godsend or just more problems and things you have to fix at home? Leave you comments below.

How a touchless faucet should work:

Or sometimes it fails miserably:

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  1. Reema says:

    maybe its going off because you have something in front of it on your sink??? !!!!


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