Chinese Braising Spice Packet for Pork Belly

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Over the years there have been a lot of requests for the ingredients to our recipes and often people can find what they need in a local Chinese grocery store. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everyone and sometimes you don’t live next to a Chinese market or don’t want to buy all the ingredients just to use once. This is a common problem among weekend warrior cooks and Asian Enticement has come up with a simple easy solution, the Chinese Spice Braising Packet.

Chinese Braising Spice Packet
The Chinese Braising Spice Packet combines all the spices that you need to make our famous Chinese Braised Pork Belly dish. The packet is an undyed natural reusable muslin drawstring bag that contains all the necessary dry ingredients for the perfect Chinese braise. All you have to do is place the spice packet into your braising liquid along with the other wet ingredients. Simmer for a couple of hours and then you’ll have a wonderfully delicious braised pork belly. You can also use the spice packet to braise many other meats such as chicken, lamb, and beef.

*Shipping is only available to

Contiguous US (lower 48 states)

Sold Out (sorry we are out of spice packets)

Special Offer: BOGO – $8 for two
If you buy one spice packet we’ll give you another one for free. So you can share it with a friend or simply save it for use in the future.
Try it today.

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3 Responses to “Chinese Braising Spice Packet for Pork Belly”
  1. Pork Belly Lover says:

    The braising packet was perfect. It made the process very easy and I didn’t have to buy bags of spices that I rarely use. Also I took out the chili peppers because I don’t like my pork belly spicy. Thanks.

  2. Susan says:

    I used the pouch and it was great! I didn’t have to fish out the spices afterwards and the pork belly tasted really good. I’ll have to get some more for the holidays. Thanks!


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