Difficulty Level: 1 – Heat, stir, and have a beer.
Prep Time: 7 minutes
Cooking Time: 13 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Real people serving size:4

Chinese Tomato Egg Recipe
6 large eggs
4 small tomatoes diced (the riper the better) or 1 can diced tomatoes
(Basically you want the ratio of egg to tomato to be about the same)
1 table spoon tomato sauce
1/4 cup chicken broth
1 stalk green onions
2 table spoon water, milk or cream (optional – fluffier eggs)
1 tsp vegetable oil
salt to taste
white pepper to taste

Chinese Tomato Eggs Recipe

1. Add 2 tbs water or milk to eggs to make them fluffier and beat them in a bowl. Scramble the eggs in a pan with 1 tsp vegetable oil. After scrambling put them on a plate and set aside.
2. Add the diced tomatoes into the pan with the chicken broth and simmer for a minute.
3. Add tomato paste and mix into the diced tomatoes and let simmer for another minute.
4. Now add the scrambled eggs back into the pan and let everything simmer until tomatoes are soft.
5. Add a dash or two of white pepper and salt to taste.
6. Plate and top with chopped green onions.

That’s it! It’s very easy and great for a quick meal. I sometimes replace the tomatoes with a can of diced tomatoes. Not a preferred but it’s definitely easier and works if I don’t want to go to the grocery store. Also, if you used canned tomatoes then don’t add the tomato paste, you can just pour a little of the liquid in the can. Canned tomatoes already have a strong taste. I didn’t always use tomato paste but tomatoes in the store don’t taste that great. So if you grow your own tomatoes and make sure that they are ripe then they will taste much better and you may not need the tomato paste. Try your own take on it and see what happens.

Fried rice, sounds simple eh. Well it is. Especially hot dog fried rice. While growing up, unlike my friends who ate hot dogs in a bun, burgers or pasta, I ate fried rice. It was a staple in my house along with frozen Stouffer’s mac and cheese, totally unrelated story and I’ll share if you’re interested, just comment below. In any case, fried rice was easy to make and there are about a million and one variations on how to make it. Being a bachelor I’ve never gone to the grocery store with the intention of buying ingredients for fried rice. It was more like, “Damn! I’m hungry and all I got in my fridge is a hot dog, ketchup, and mayo.” So my only options were to make fried rice or drink lots of water. (college, high school, unemployed = no money for buns or anything else)

Well today’s version of hot dog fried rice is a little different from what I usually make but then again I generally don’t make the same fried rice twice. I looked in my fridge and I have half a pack of beef hot dogs, some baby bok choy, and 5 eggs. Perfect for some hot dog fried rice with bok choy.


Difficulty Level: 1 – Heat, stir, and have a beer.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 7 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes
Real people serving size:2

2 hot dogs (depending on what brand you get it will change the taste slightly,
beef vs turkey, nathan’s vs ball park, etc)
3 small heads of baby bok choy
3 eggs
1 -1.5 cups of rice (precooked)
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp vegetable oil
salt to taste
white pepper to taste

They say that using day old rice makes fried rice taste better and for the most part I agree with that, but it also highly depends on the type of rice you have, how you cooked the original rice, how old it is, and how you like your fried rice. Some people like it a little drier where the kernels are separated but some people like it a little more soft and with some moisture. It just all depends on personal preference. For this fried rice I used freshly cooked jasmine rice so it’ll be a little softer but and if you cook it right then it won’t clump together.
Cut the hot dog to small pieces.
Cut the bok choy into small strips.
Mince the garlic.
Scramble the eggs.

First I have a nice size fry pan, make sure it’s large enough to fit everything and still gives you room to stir otherwise you’ll have fried rice everywhere! Heat the vegetable oil in the fry pan until hot. Then add the minced garlic and fry lightly for 10 seconds. Move the garlic to the sides of the pan and add in the scrambled egg. Don’t worry if some garlic mixes in, it’ll all be together in the end. After the eggs are scrambled then add the hot dog and bok choy.
Add a dash of salt and white pepper. Stir fry all those ingredients until the bok choy is starting to wilt. Once that happens add in the cooked rice.
Now this is probably the hardest part of the entire recipe. Mix the rice in with the other ingredients without spilling it all over the cook top. Some patience is needed in this step. Now add in the soy sauce and if you like hot sauce you can add some here as well. In fact, add any other flavoring you want at this point. Now simple stir, mix, flip, fry till your desired consistency. I usually like it not dryer than wetter but not too dry. Okay that was confusing. Try 4 minutes, taste and add salt, pepper, or more soy sauce if needed. Then cook longer if you’d like. The important part is that everything is mixed together well.

Like I said earlier, there are a million and one ways to make fried rice. So you can add in anything and make it any flavor you want. Yes, it is probably dangerous for me to recommend that since there are just as many ways to screw up fried rice. It’s kinda like watching people go to mongolian bbq and watching what some people put into their bowl. Scary…but then again each to their own. So cook according to what you like.

Some options would be ground beef, frozen peas and carrots, bean sprouts, left over chicken, ketchup, sriracha, five spice, chinese bbq sauce, onions, grilled pork chop leftover, tomatoes, green beans etc. Also the longer you fry rice the dryer it gets so if you’re rice is too wet you may want to fry the rice first and then add in the ingredients later. It’s endless and in the future I’ll provide more variations of fried rice that I like.

Remember it’s easy, just use what you have in the fridge and experiment. (Ketchup fried rice is great I’ll post that one up in the future.)